Upstream Material
Glass Fabric
Surface-treated E-glass fabric.Suitable as reinforcement materials for appliances and electronics.
High Performance Kraft Paper for Copper-clad Laminate
Kraft paper, immersed in Phenolic resin, is used to produce laminates. It could also be immersed in epoxy resin and combined with glass fabric to become high-end glass fabric substitute in CEM laminates production.
Glass Yarns – electronic grade yarn
Glass Yarns are produced by twisting of strands formed from several hundred filaments with sizing agent. The yarns are widely used for electrical insulation products for its advantages of excellent electrical insulating properties and mechanical properties.
Epoxy Resin
Epoxy Resin can be used as bonding agent for metal and non-metal in laminate production.
PVB is widely used for laminated safety glass manufacture for automotive windscreen and architectural application.

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